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Caring for a Mechanical Clock

(13th May 2007 18:03)
I would like to pass on this advice from someone who has spent their life painstakingly looking after and restoring mechanical clocks. I like and sell these clocks but I won't pretend to be an expert! Caring for your clock... (More...)
The first Pendulum clock was made in 1656 by a Dutch Scientist called Huygens. From that date until 1930, the pendulum clock which used natural swinging or oscillation as the mechanism was probably the most accurate time keeping... (More...)

What is inside a Pendulum Clock?

(2nd May 2007 17:46)
If your pendulum clock or its instructions baffle you, here is a quick definition of the parts and what they do. Pendulum clocks typically have four parts: 1. a mass at the end of a pendulum rod. The pendulum swings with a... (More...)